February 2006

Social Experiment: 43 Best Blogs

Last night Alex decided that he would create his own ‘best blogs’ list.  Too often these ‘best blogs’ lists are merely transparent attempts to generate traffic.  Especially in the case of bloggers who will immediately blog about the fact that they were listed as one of the top blogs on the internet.  He mentioned that he was going to have one of the developers put the list together today and I really didn’t get it.  As soon as I saw that it was a wiki based list I got it.  Here is the intro fom the wiki:

Welcome to the 43 Best Blogs Wiki. The following 43 blogs are simply the best. Other ‘best of’ blog lists offer 50 or even 100 ‘best’ blogs, but after painstaking research we have deteremined that there are really only 43 decent blogs at any one time. Feel free to edit, add, remove or reorder any blog listed on this site How do we know that we have the right 43 blogs listed at any one time? Easy, you are the "we" at 43 Best. We are you. You spin me right round. Other lists depend on the work of one or two individuals.

Jeff Clavier was really the first person to get the joke:

Let me tell you: who is actually on the list does not matter, what is actually hilarious is to read through the history page since all edits are logged.  As a blogger who wants in, you have to make a conscious decision of which of the 43 names you are going to “nuke”, and which spot you are going to claim. I had an easy task: a Polish dude had claimed three spots so I took one for myself and one for Hornik (as sign of deference to the grand father of VC blogging). But I really LOL’ed when I saw that David Weinberger nuked TechCrunch (not that I mean single out David, who I respect) and a few other interesting “replacements”.  A very interesting social experiment indeed Alex.

Other links include:  Supr.c.ilio.us and CrunchNotes. (he even made it on the frontpage of tech.memeorandum)

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43Best Blogs

If Ross Mayfield developed a ‘best blogs‘ list, it might look like this.
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Edge Listings Now Open: Edgeio launches

Edgeio is now open for business. As we mentioned (here & here), it’s a new service that lets you generate classified ads (job listings, items for sale, offers of advisory capital, etc.) right from your blog. You simply tag something ‘listing,’ and edgeio scoops it up. How can you improve the performance of your listings?

  • Claim your blog at Edgeio
  • Use the right tags (see what others are tagging similar items)
  • Take the time to locate your listings if geography is central to the sale

Lots of folks are writing up the launch this morning:

Om Malik (natch)
Jeff Clavier
Edgeio founder Keith Teare
Fred Oliveira
Russell Beattie
Richard MacManus
Nik Cubrilovic
Edgeio blog

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Customer Interaction Manifesto

Jake McKee (who ran global community development for LEGO) has posted up some overarching thoughts about how marketers should interact with the communities that form around their products & services: the Customer Interaction Manifesto.

Take a look and weigh in. It’s interactive.

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Mix & Match Big in Japan Tools

Picture 25
We’ve been working on the Big in Japan toolset for sometime now. Big in Japan is a set of tools for prosumer bloggers, making it simpler to combine feeds, serve them up in a variety of ways, and, ultimately, with much better reporting over what is going on with your social media projects. I’ve been digging using a number of these tools, and Alex talks tonight about how he’s been using them.

  • First, he points to the number of managed podcasts we support using Podserve.
  • Then he mashes those various feeds up into a master feed using Frankenfeed.
  • Finally, he gets updates delivered via his IM client over InstantFeed.

We’ll have as many of the Big in Japan tools ready as possible for beta rollout at SXSW. The really cool thing will be to make it super simple to automate a lot of these mashups within the toolset. We’ll get there. Tell us what you think if you get a chance to play with any of the tools.

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Managed Podcasting

The Big in Japan team created PodServe so that we could start managing our client’s podcasts.  In addition to creating the tool for our internal use we decided to let anyone use them for FREE (check it out here).  Each of these podcasts was created over the past two weeks (we now have more than 3,400 subscribers).  Here is a partial list of Weblogs Work managed/created podcasts:

  • Weblogs WorkNotes - our own podcast with a focus on social media.  Current iTunes subscribers = 142.
  • Big in Japan Podcast - the biggu.com project podcast focused on use cases for the toolset.  Current iTunes subscribers = 20.
  • Naked Conversations Discussion - a public podcast created to allow for a discussion of Robert Scoble and Shel Israel book on corporate blogging.  Current iTunes subscriptions = 1817. 
  • Elevator Pitch Podcast - a public podcast created for startups to deliver their elevator pitches to investors.  Current iTunes subscribers = 955. 
  • Wilshire Baptist Church Podcast - the sermons from the pulpit of Wilshire Baptist Chruch in Dallas, Texas.  Current iTunes subscribers = 489.
  • BarCampDallas Podcast - Presentations and discussion about BarCamp.  Current iTunes subscribers = 288. 
  • Architel Podcast - Computer and IT support news, tipes and information about the company.  Current iTunes subscribers = 142.
  • SimpleTicket Podcast - Discussions about the opensource project.  Current iTunes subscribers = 15. 

If you want to subscribe to a ‘best of’ feed including all of the podcasts we manage you can grab our ‘best of’ MONSTER feed from FrankenFeed.  Just click here and enter the URL in your reader. 

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Pointed Question of the Weekend

From Gabe: “So, do weblogs work?”

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Public Podcast: Join in the Naked Conversation


Here’s your chance to join in a public conversation about Naked Conversations. We interviewed authors Robert Scoble & Shel Israel Saturday morning after the big Techcrunch launch party. Unlike most podcasts, you get to talk back. Check out the public podcast here. You can cut your own mp3 and upload it into the podcast stream. Ask them a question, respond to the interview, give your own book review. It’s open mic, day & night.

Here is the roundup of what we discuss in the interview podcast:

00:00 Intro Public podcasting via Podserve; Intro to Naked Conversations; Robert & Shel talk about the TechCrunch book launch at Mike Arrington’s house. Techcrunch as an example of a great blog creating business opportunities.

2:30 How did the book come about? Who is the book for? Talk about the process of writing it online via the blog. Changing to two-way conversations; Andy Ruff; Buzz Bruggeman; Blogging Naked Conversations; Trusting the crowd

8:15 What are the things that companies should do to engage the blogosphere? Reading blogs; Using blog search tools; Journalists use blogs to find out what people are saying; People are talking & you want to join in the conversation (e.g. a cocktail party); The 50 blog test; Commenting on other people’s blogs; The need for steady engagement; What will we talk about v. Will we ever shut up?; How to get started

13:20 The case studies are great in the book. Hugh MacLeod as an example. Talk about English Cut and some of the successful blogs you cover. Hugh MacLeod; Gapingvoid; Need to do something different; TechCrunch; Corpspeak; Anti-marketing marketing; Efficiency of the word-of-mouth network — fast & interesting

17:15 Microsoft & Sun use blogs to their advantage. Google & Apple not so much. What gives? MSFT satisfaction levels up; new product ideas; Might take years to see impact of blogs; Companies that are winning maybe don’t need to change

19:30 Is blogging better suited to smaller companies or challenger brands? Bob Lutz, General Motors; Japanese dental clinic; John Moore "Blogging helps big companies get small and small companies look big"; One Note blog; You can’t have a conversation with a sticky eyeball; Google is the fuel of blogging; Write often, be interesting; Blogging helping Microsoft change its image with developers & customers

24:20 Is this the year that blogging & social media become mainstream in corporate communications? Slate article; Google/Search keeps fueling the growth; Monster Cable; People don’t link to cold, commercial information; Keystone/Copper Mountain; Loic Le Meuer & M.E. Leclerc; Jeff Clavier;

31:15 Did Ernie the Attorney start Shel blogging? Ernest Svenson; David Weinberger; Buzz Bruggeman; JD Lasica; When Scoble first met Shel (too geeky); Writing with passion & humanity to capture readers; English Cut; Thomas Mahon; Learning more in more diverse areas, faster via blogs; Boeing learning to do blogging right; D.L. Byron; Corpspeak blog to live blog; HP rolling out new blogs, some of which are almost remarkable

39:00 What is the right blend of personal & professional material on a company blog? What terms do you want to be known for?; Off-topic stuff is like seasoning, use lightly; Shel uses different blogs to address different topics; Set & meet expectations for your blog; Good blogging is passionate & authoritative

43:00 Where do you take it from here? More business getting into authentic conversations instead of putting out artificial press releases; Put out stuff people will link to; Shel’s working on new books; Naked Conversations; add your own mp3 to this podcast stream

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Now Part of the Conferenza Team

This is cool: Shel Israel asked me to blog tech conferences for Conferenza. He & Gary Bolles originally published Conferenza as a newsletter, but relaunched it this year as a blog. (Naturally, as Shel is Mr. Blog right now.) The team also includes Stowe Boyd, Sam Perry, Richard Brandt, and Tom Mandel.

I’ll be blogging New Communications Forum & SXSW Interactive for them over the next few weeks.

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Picture 13-1
Check out a great new project we’re working on — Podslam.org. 15 poets celebrating Black History Month in the world’s first online poetry slam. Check it out, download or watch the slams online. Create an account and you can comment, blog about, and rate the podcasts. If you do, you’ll have a chance to win a video iPod. The top-rated poet and another poet chosen by a panel of judges will get video iPods, too. Cafe Nuba, jumping off point for spoken word in Denver, will host the awards presentation on February 24.
Follow the feed for the podslam here.

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Officially Part of the Bubble

Picture 9_1.png

First, we were in on the whitehot Naked Conversations book launch party at Rancho Techcrunch on Friday. Today, four of our logos show up on Stabilo’s extended mashup of Web 2.0 logos. We’re not even serious about egorRSS, yet there it is. WeblogsWork, PodServe and SimpleTicket are also there. Now all we need is an interview on Geek Entertainment TV & the trifecta is complete.

Surely venture funding isn’t far behind. We’ll invite you to the crazydelicious launch party, of course.

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Looking for capital? Submit your elevator pitch!

Need capital for your break-out Web 2.0 business?  Don’t know where to start?  How about using Web 2.0 tools to raise money.  Start by setting up a blog - this is just a requirment.  Next record a three minute elevator pitch, sign up for a free PodServe account and then upload your mp3 into the Investment Pitch Podcast

The Investment Pitch Podcast has over 500 subscribers (mostly on iTunes) today.  By uploading your elevator pitch you can be sure lots of people will hear your pitch.  Who knows, you might even find an investor.  Good luck, start pitching!



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