June 2006

Weblogs Worknotes: Odeo

A Visit to Odeo

[Left to Right: ur hipster Noah Glass, prankster Biz Stone, personal publishing provocateur Evan Williams]

Odeo was an early entrant in the podcasting market that has grown and changed so much in the past year. We talked with Biz Stone and Evan Williams about Odeo’s focus, the new features they are rolling out and where podcasting might be going.

Check out Odeo and Odeo Studio, and follow the story on their blog.

Listen to the podcast:


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Weblogs Worknotes: hResume

Updating Ryan & Tantek On Our hResume Work

Alexander & I gave Tantek & Ryan an update on the hResume stuff we’d been working on, and while we were there we recorded a discussion about hResume and the success of Microformats in general. We’re just about ready to offer a WordPress plugin for hResume and an hResume generator. I also heard today that work has started on an MT plugin as well.

Listen to the podcast:


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Weblogs Worknotes: Dan Saffer


Dan Saffer, senior interaction designer at Adaptive Path, has a new book coming out called Designing for Interaction. We met up at the AP offices when I was in town last and had a great chat about what makes for great interaction design, how you allow for (encourage?) hackability, and much more. The book was an excellent introduction for me (the non-designer software dabbler) into the current thinking about user experience & interaction.

For more, check out Dan’s blog, the AP blog, and the interviews Dan has conducted for the book. Dan & I will also be doing a panel with Kit Seeborg & Jeremiah Owyang this month at WebVisions 2006.

Listen to the podcast:


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This Unconference Has Thrill Rides


Josh Hallett is throwing an unconference in his neck of the woods -check out his announcement about BlogOrlando.  A day of sessions & hanging out, a geek dinner & some time for goofying off.

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Ze Frank Is Efficient With the ‘Casting Fu

A bit of ruckus over this quasi trolling post harshing on the ‘efficiency’ of podcasting.  It’s not super ‘efficient’ for me to spend time talking to just one person about things that don’t require action items, you know, like my wife or my kids, or my coworkers who just might want to share something going on.  Or my customers who might have some roundabout observation.  You get my drift.  I said some time ago that podcasting was going to bring it hard for those who wanted more personalized connections.  My human-ness with voice, faces, nonverbal.

As for efficiency, I’d challenge anyone to pack more in than does the daily video bomblet courtesy of Ze Frank.  Sportsracers, knowledge today is rapido y fabuloso.

Bonus:  Eric tells us a story that ends with snarky zombies.

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Punny Guy

Shel wins.  No mas.

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Podcasting, Time Savings or Time Suck?

Peter Davis has a great point when he notes that he can review 50 blogs in the same time he can listen to the average podcast.  He has a great point and one worth reading in full here.  But for me Alex has a more topical explaination of how podcasts can offer businesses a method for timeshifting important audio content.

For most companies conference calls are a fact of life.  Many of us sit in our office on several conference calls per week at peek work hours.  We could be connecting with partners and associates, but instead we are forced to listen to boring calls that often have nothing to do with us.  Podcasting offers a great way for businesses to allow their workers to timeshift conference call information.  Imagine being able to listen to a weekly conference call on the way home from work or being able to fast forward through parts not on topic to your function?  What if you could then use your cell phone to insert your own thoughts into a feed?  Alex details these features in his post titled, “Scoble is right, podcasting is inefficient!

Podcasting is a great tool that can be used to save time or to waste time - its all in the application!

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Enterprise Grade Support for WordPress

Picture 10.png

Toni Schneider is announcing the launch of the Automattic Support Network for enterprise-grade support of WordPress and WordPress MU.

Says Toni:

WordPress is already used to power blogs and sites by several well known large companies, places like the New York Times, CNET, and About.com. In talking to other large corporate users over the past few months, I’ve received the same request over and over: if we could pay you to provide us with enterprise level support for WordPress, we’re ready to deploy it in a big way. We’ve responded by creating the Support Network. It’s loosely modelled after similar offerings from companies like MySQL and Red Hat who provide support subscriptions for open source software.

WordPress is our primary platform, and we’ve been talking with Matt & Toni about serving as one of their recommended professional service providers for integration, development, marketing support and other types of professional services that are adjuncts to the core platform support Automattic will focus on. We are also moving ahead on integrating white-label versions of some of the Big in Japan apps (PodServe, primarily), which we think are an ideal complement to extensible platforms like WordPress.

Check out what the Support Network has to offer.

Update:  Marshall weighs in at TechCrunch.

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Brian Oberkirch Identifies the Traits of Successful Bloggers

(While gloating over the Argentina win.)

Who needs a study?  Here’s what you do:

  • Read good blogs.
  • Blog.
  • Rinse, repeat.

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Bloggercon from afar

Picture 6.png

Hope Barcamp SF has a vid cast going tomorrow.  I caught the tail snippet of Doc’s closing session of Bloggercon today, and it was fun to watch the video & the irc backchannel.  Next best thing to sitting in the audience glancing up occasionally from my Mac.  Bloggercon is also running tomorrow, and Barcamp SF through Sunday.

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Yahoo supports Microformats!

First Microsoft announced support for Microformats and now Yahoo! is getting on board. If we could only get Google to join in! Officially Yahoo is supporting hReview, hCalendar and hCard.

Hopefully they will adopt the hResume format!

Yahoo Supports Microformats

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Social Media Chat Room?

Want to chat about social media? Weblogs Work’s parent, Spur, has a new channel on Freenode for anyone interested in discussing our various projects (Big in Japan, SimpleTicket, Weblogs Work, hResume or Architel). We know it is a little old school, but it works for us. Feel free to pop on if you have a question, concern or suggestion. Someone will usually be on.Our goal is to make the IRC channel our main forum for real-time communication. You will need an IRC client to get on. For OSX users try Colloquy.

Pick a nickname, select IRC as the server protocol and select irc.freenode.net as the chat server (no proxy, port 6667). Now you are ready to join the Spur chatroom just type: #spur and you are in.

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