Are you really an entrepreneur?

flunky.jpgReading a post from a couple of weeks ago called, "The Top 6 Mistakes of Committed Young Entrepreneurs" I was compelled to comment.  The post was by Michael Simmons and can be found here.  He suggests that the first two mistakes are:

  • Not getting started
  • Not keeping with it

His post is not without merit and he makes some good points, but I have to take issues with these first two ‘mistakes’.  If you do not get started you are not an entrepreneur.  If you do not keep with it you are not committed.  So by definition you cannot be a committed entrepreneur if you never get started or fail to keep with it.  Am I off base here?   





  • Ken Dyck September 21, 2005 at 1:14 pm

    Had you followed the link to Michael Simmon’s article, you’d have found that the six mistakes that entrepreneurs who overcome the two mistakes that you cite are:

    1. Don’t mistake early growth spurts with ability
    2. Don’t depend on word-of-mouth
    3. Don’t pretend to be in business
    4. Get Real
    5. Put branding behind sales
    6. Don’t Spread Yourself to Thin

    It’s worth a read. Here’s the link again.

  • Alexander Muse September 21, 2005 at 2:16 pm

    I think I noted that the other points he made were good. He states: “In my opinion, the first two mistakes that students can make with entrepreneurship are: 1. Not getting started 2. Not keeping with it” I disagreed with these first two points.