Search, closed case?

I can recall when Alta Vista won the search engine wars (or was it some other company).  The out of no where Google became the 800 pound gorilla.  Would you believe that U.S. based venture capital firms have invested in 47 search outfits over the past twelve months?  According to Dow Jones VentureOne VC firms poured $263MM into these companies.  75% of these companies will be acquired or go out of business accoding to the survey.  That means 25% might actually make it. 

According to Business Week, Ron Conway (one of the very early Google bankrollers) believes that, "Search is in its infancy today.  It’s at 10% of its potential, maybe."  Conway has personally invested in 24 of the 47 search companies funded this year.

How about here in Texas?  Well I blogged about Rada at UNT here.  And of course their is PureDiscovery working on their Universal Intelligent Access project (they presented at BarCamp). 




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  • Barbara (Xerraire) February 14, 2006 at 1:18 pm

    I remember the altavista days…

    And all my friends made fun of me because of how I pronounced it.


  • Jeremy Langhans September 14, 2007 at 6:18 pm

    I just met Dave Copps at SourceCon this past week in Atlanta. Wow, the PureDiscovery stuff I saw looked AMAZING!

    In fact, I was on the panel at the close of the conference & we were asked about what 1 tool we couldn’t live without. I answered it’s been Altavista for like 10 years, but now it might be PureDiscovery.

    Hmm… now only if I could get my hands on the technology!!?