Weblogs Work is a group blog authored by the Big in Japan team.  Big in Japan is a social media company.  We build, manage and support social media tools that enable corporations and individuals to communicate with their customers, employees and partners.  Our team consists of marketing experts, programmers and IT support professionals.  We operate a 24/7 network operations center located in Dallas, Texas where the majority of our employees are located.

We Build:

  • Enterprise level weblog installations complete with backups (WordPress)
  • Weblog plugins and extension (WordPress and MovableType)
  • Enterprise level Wiki installations complete with security (PmWiki or SocialText)
  • Podcasting & Telephony integrated applications (PodServe)
  • XML/RSS/ATOM tools (Feedburner, FrankenFeed, SocialMail)

We Manage:

  • WordPress blogs (Version 1.5-2.X, WordPress.com & MU)
  • PmWiki wikis (external and internal with various levels of security)
  • SocialText (Kwiki) wikis (enterprise and professional versions)
  • PodServe podcasting platform (video and audio)
  • Custom CSS installations on blogs and wikis

We Support (24/7 monitoring, 8-5 M-F help desk):

  • Hosted WordPress installations
  • Hosted PmWiki installations
  • Hosted SocialText (Kwiki) installations
  • Hosted Podcast installations