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Refresh Dallas needs speakers!

Just today I volunteered to take on the even coordinator role of a fun group here in town, Refresh Dallas. What is Refresh, you ask?

Refresh is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical and professional aspects of new media endeavors in the Dallas area.

Do you feel like the web needs a new look? Interested in the latest web technologies? Care about design, but feel it must be usable? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Sign up on the site for updates.

Since I’m now in charge of booking speakers, I’m putting out a call. If you’re interested in speaking, or have ideas for topics, drop me a mail: jake AT biggu DOT com.

I hope to see you at the next meeting!

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Clickstream from Ketchum Talks

I did a WebEx and a lunch seminar at Ketchum the other day, which was great. Lots of good questions and good dialogue that I think will continue. Here are links to some of the what we discussed:
Blogging Buzz/Confusion

The New Wisdom of the Web — Newsweek
BusinessWeek story — “Blogs Will Change Your Business”
Forbes paranoia — “Attack of the Blogs”
Blogging Delivered

Blogging Not Exactly Delivered

The Situation: Attention Scarcity

Long Tail blog on Mainstream Media Meltdown
Brand Hijack manifesto
Most recent Sifry alert on the state of the blogosphere

Pay Attention to:

About RSS

iTunes podcast support

Business Blogging

Design Public
Robert Scoble

Jonathan Schwartz
English Cut
Stormhoek blog sampling

Essential Reading

Cluetrain Manifesto
Naked Conversations (check out the blog, too)
Small Pieces, Loosely Joined

Useful Marketing Stuff

What’s Your Brand Mantra?
Church of the Customer
Media Orchard
New PR Wiki
Marketing Begins at Home
Like It Matters

Download the slides. (~6 MB pdf)
My flickr set from the talks.

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