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Blog Monitoring Survey

More & more, we are getting clients who come to us for blog monitoring.  We don’t see a one-stop solution yet, and so we handroll a process that includes all the top blog search services.  As blog monitoring becomes a given for PR & marketing types, we’re going to keep working in this area.  Help us out by telling us what you’d like to see.  We’re conducting the survey below from now through January 31.  

Everyone who emails answers to the questions below (to will be put in the hat for a drawing, and Weblogs Work will do free blog monitoring for the winner during February 2006.  Plus, we’ll gather up all the answers and post the results for everyone to get a sense of what people are doing to track blog mentions of their brands.

  • How do you track what’s being said about your brands, products, services, executives on blogs?
  • What do you usually do when you find a valid link?  What sort of action do you take?
  • How does blog monitoring fit in or differ from the other types of media tracking you do today?
  • What do you want out of a blog tracking tool? 
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, how effective do you think your current method of blog monitoring is? 

2 Responses to “Blog Monitoring Survey”

  1. James Acheson Says:

    We want someone to sit and immediately approve forum responses, entries, etc. scanning for inappropriate entries. i.e. relevant topics, family friendly, etc.

  2. Jake McKee Says:

    Tamara Littleton owns and runs eModeration ( and after tons of research into firms that conduct the service you mention and Tamara’s company was the best option. She’s proven very impressive on the several projects we’ve worked together on.

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