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Here’s your chance to join in a public conversation about Naked Conversations. We interviewed authors Robert Scoble & Shel Israel Saturday morning after the big Techcrunch launch party. Unlike most podcasts, you get to talk back. Check out the public podcast here. You can cut your own mp3 and upload it into the podcast stream. Ask them a question, respond to the interview, give your own book review. It’s open mic, day & night.

Here is the roundup of what we discuss in the interview podcast:

00:00 Intro Public podcasting via Podserve; Intro to Naked Conversations; Robert & Shel talk about the TechCrunch book launch at Mike Arrington’s house. Techcrunch as an example of a great blog creating business opportunities.

2:30 How did the book come about? Who is the book for? Talk about the process of writing it online via the blog. Changing to two-way conversations; Andy Ruff; Buzz Bruggeman; Blogging Naked Conversations; Trusting the crowd

8:15 What are the things that companies should do to engage the blogosphere? Reading blogs; Using blog search tools; Journalists use blogs to find out what people are saying; People are talking & you want to join in the conversation (e.g. a cocktail party); The 50 blog test; Commenting on other people’s blogs; The need for steady engagement; What will we talk about v. Will we ever shut up?; How to get started

13:20 The case studies are great in the book. Hugh MacLeod as an example. Talk about English Cut and some of the successful blogs you cover. Hugh MacLeod; Gapingvoid; Need to do something different; TechCrunch; Corpspeak; Anti-marketing marketing; Efficiency of the word-of-mouth network — fast & interesting

17:15 Microsoft & Sun use blogs to their advantage. Google & Apple not so much. What gives? MSFT satisfaction levels up; new product ideas; Might take years to see impact of blogs; Companies that are winning maybe don’t need to change

19:30 Is blogging better suited to smaller companies or challenger brands? Bob Lutz, General Motors; Japanese dental clinic; John Moore "Blogging helps big companies get small and small companies look big"; One Note blog; You can’t have a conversation with a sticky eyeball; Google is the fuel of blogging; Write often, be interesting; Blogging helping Microsoft change its image with developers & customers

24:20 Is this the year that blogging & social media become mainstream in corporate communications? Slate article; Google/Search keeps fueling the growth; Monster Cable; People don’t link to cold, commercial information; Keystone/Copper Mountain; Loic Le Meuer & M.E. Leclerc; Jeff Clavier;

31:15 Did Ernie the Attorney start Shel blogging? Ernest Svenson; David Weinberger; Buzz Bruggeman; JD Lasica; When Scoble first met Shel (too geeky); Writing with passion & humanity to capture readers; English Cut; Thomas Mahon; Learning more in more diverse areas, faster via blogs; Boeing learning to do blogging right; D.L. Byron; Corpspeak blog to live blog; HP rolling out new blogs, some of which are almost remarkable

39:00 What is the right blend of personal & professional material on a company blog? What terms do you want to be known for?; Off-topic stuff is like seasoning, use lightly; Shel uses different blogs to address different topics; Set & meet expectations for your blog; Good blogging is passionate & authoritative

43:00 Where do you take it from here? More business getting into authentic conversations instead of putting out artificial press releases; Put out stuff people will link to; Shel’s working on new books; Naked Conversations; add your own mp3 to this podcast stream

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