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eye_film.jpgGot a great new product?  Want to get a lot of people to see it?  Get a power user on Flickr to take a picture of it.  Scott Beale, also known as Laughing Squid, is a well know photographer.  In fact, he may be the second most 'internet famous' photographer (Thomas Hawk is perhaps the most famous).  So if you are going to create a product for photographers call up Scott and get him to take a picture of it.  

That is exactly what the Yuval Koren, the guy behind Eye-Fi, did.  What is Eye-Fi?  An SD memory card that will turn your camera into a wi-fi camera - no more USB cable.  This is going to be huge!  And  Yuval, by simply showing it to one of the best know 'internet famous' photographer is getting his product in front of thousands of people who WILL buy the Eye-Fi.  Very smart.  More on Gizmodo here.  Check out Scott's eyefi flickr pics here






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