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Company Name: FiveRuns
Founded: February 2005
Founder: Steven Smith, CEO

logo_fiveruns.gifAbout the company: FiveRuns has developed a new breed of systems management software — a simple, straightforward, open source answer for your monitoring, analyzing, reporting and predicting needs. FiveRuns is a sleek, hosted web application built with the user in mind. Perfect for IT professionals using open source software such as Linux, Apache, JBoss, Tomcat, and MySQL, it also fully supports those maintaining traditional systems running Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, or Mac OS X.

Steven Smith - Color.jpgAbout the CEO: Steven Smith started FiveRuns with the goal of bringing a simpler, smarter solution to the Systems Management market which has been stagnant for over a decade. Prior to FiveRuns, Steven was the CTO of Tonic Software and SVP of R&D at Neon Systems. He was also Founder and CEO of Relational Development, Inc., a software company specializing in System Management solutions from 1991 to 1998. Steven has seven patents pending in the areas of dynamic program modification and advanced performance instrumentation techniques, and holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Troy State University in Troy, Alabama.

Funding: FiveRuns closed their Series A round in September 2005 and plans to raise a second round in the fall of 2006.

Why Texas: Steve explains, “Texas is a great place for any business, but especially a high-tech business. Talent pools are enormous in the major metropolitan areas and the cost of living is still very low when compared to other high-tech areas of the country.”

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