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Company Name:  Exceptional Introductions
Founded:  May 2006 (launch scheduled for July 2006)
Founder:  Kent Little
About the company:  The idea is simple:  ‘Upscale men,’ (i.e. not you or me) who are described as men who are “respected, prominent, distinguished, influential and eligble” are required to pay a monthly fee to meet “the most beautiful, commitment-minded single women in Texas.”  I found the company in Wick Allison’s CEO magazine in a “special advertising section” and got a good chuckle seeing a picture of Kent sitting in a chair receiving cards from three “actual” members of his service.  The company provides free memberships to most women.

The company is currently advertising on websites such as SoloModels, “seeking models from the ages of 22-50 for print advertising in upscale publications targeted to very affluent markets. I also have work for personal appearances, website, and promotional videos. Pay rates vary depending on models recquirements and experience. Many model references available.“  If you are an upscale man or beautiful woman you can contact:

Exceptional Introductions
5215 W. Las Colinas Blvd., Suite 200
Irving, Texas 75039
I do have one suggestion, start using a Flickr tag: dfwupscale That way we can all follow along to see who the upscale people are!

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