SiSTer Technologies Profile

Company Name:  SiSTeR Technologies
Founded:  2002
Founder:  Israel Alpert, CEO
About the company:  SiSTeR Technologies, Inc. is a provider of applications and hosted services for the automated creation and management of multimedia marketing content for online retail and mobile environments. Pic2Vid™, the company’s flagship product, is a low-cost, web-based solution that automatically generates streaming video content with voiceovers from digital photos and text, enabling Internet retailers to dramatically increase conversion rates by enhancing each product and listing with dynamic, attention-grabbing video clips. SiSTeR markets Pic2Vid directly to retailers as well as through selected resellers and strategic channel partners.  The VideoCarLot is a customized version of Pic2Vid™ marketed towards automotive dealerships. The solution combines the video generating technology of Pic2Vid™ with a specially designed viewer (The Zoomer) built for online shopping. The Zoomer floats on top of the inventory list and creates the first ever “one-click-to-contact” process.

About the CEO:  In 1989, Israel established CFC, a leading system integrator and internet solutions provider.  The company was sold in 1997 to GE Capital.   After the sale, in his new role as VP of Technology at GE Capital ITS, he managed business partnerships with Microsoft, SAP, IBM and others as well as participated in many M&A deals. In 2002, Israel created SiSTeR, and began developing the technology for the unique products, which are currently patent pending.

Funding:  Privately funded with six employees; currently looking for funds.

Why Texas:  We stayed in Texas even though our investors and partners argued against it because we’re centrally located in the country making it very effortless for clients and partners to visit us and the pool of local talent makes it simple to add good quality people to our team.

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