Partner Sought to Leverage our Computing Assets

The Spur brands (Big in Japan, Architel and SimpleTicket) previously utlized our own small data center (perhaps 20 cabinets on raised floor with all the standard bells and whistles). This month we were fortunate enough to acquire a significantly more robust facility built by McLeod Telecommunications. This new multi-million dollar facility will easily accomodate the several hundred servers we need for the Big in Japan tools as well as the new SimpleTicket SaaS offering.

Finding ourselves with room, power and cooling for 4,200 servers (and that is leaving ourselves with plenty of room for growth) we started looking for a problem to solve. Today we have access to almost 2,000 fairly robust DELL servers and plan to install them in the facility because we don’t have a better place to put them. Our thought is to construct them into clusters or a grid (i.e. a virtual architecture able to distribute process execution across a parallel infrastructure) or some other virtual architecture (perhaps a combination of technologies). We are playing with Sun’s Distributed Resource Management Application API.

We are now looking for someone to help productize, manage and sell this opportunity. If this sounds interesting to you give me (Alexander Muse) a call at 214.550.2003.

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