The Texas Startup Blog was started in June 2005 by Alexander Muse as a resource for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Initially called the Texas Venture Capital Blog, the blog was renamed in June 2006 to become a resource for information about startups and entrepreneurship in Texas. Learn more here. If you want us to profile your startup send us an email.

More about Alexander Muse: From an early age Alexander was fascinated by entrepreneurship and learned the basics by washing dogs, delivering papers, mowing lawns and shoveling snow. In high school he was responsible for sales and marketing for his Junior Achievement company and was reprimanded for outsourcing sales to a third party resulting in larger than acceptable revenues for the program. By college he learned that he had the ability to sell and as a result he began working in sales for various telecommunications companies including ICG (FOT), Broadwing (IXC) and BBN Planet (Genuity).

In the mid-1990s Alexander founded his first startup, a wholesale DSL provider he imaginatively called, Muse Communications. Quickly snapped up by a larger BLEC, Alexander began work on his second startup, LayerOne, a telecom infrastructure company. After raising more than $20MM between 1999 and 2001 the company needed more than $100MM to complete its nationwide buildout - money that was no longer available to any startup telecom company. In June of 2001 the company was out of money and he was forced to file Chapter 11. Alexander led the effort to buy the assets of LayerOne in a 363 asset sale and successfully did so the day after September 11th, 2001.

Within two months, LayerOne Holdings (as it was then called) turned a profit and remained profitable until its sale to Switch & Data in 2003. The turnaround resulted in a 600% return for investors. The entire debacle is detailed in two posts here and here.

Alexander and his partner started Spur (formerly known as F|M Ventures) in 2001 to invest in various opportunities including a started up called Architel. By 2003 Alexander stepped down as CEO of LayerOne and became CEO of Architel, a position he held until 2005 when he became managing partner of Spur. In that same year Scott Ryan replaced the original partner of Spur and in late 2005 he took over as CEO of Architel. Today, Spur has four major brands including Architel, SimpleTicket, hResume and Big in Japan as well as several minority positions in media, real estate and telecom companies. For more information about Spur visit http://spurinc.com.