SPUR Offices:

1950 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 2022
Dallas, Texas 75207

Main: 214.550.2000
FAX: 214.550.2001

The Spur companies maintain an IRC channel: #spur for discussion of issues related to our various projects including Big in Japan, Architel, Weblogs Work, SimpleTicket and hResume.  Feel free to join in.  Our goal is to make the IRC channel our main forum for real-time communication.  You will need an IRC client to get on.  For OSX users try Colloquy.

Pick a nickname, select IRC as the server protocol and select as the chat server (no proxy, port 6667).  Now you are ready to join the Spur chatroom just type: #spur and you are in.

To reach Alexander Muse directly you can try him on his office line at 214.550.2003 or via email at  Sending him a detailed email is usually the best method (voice mail messages are highly discouraged).