Richardson, TX VoIP Company Raises $13.2MM

cashout.jpgIt is 1999 all over again.  I was at lunch with a guy with $50,000 - he wants to invest in the Web 2.0 space.  Now I learn that just down the road Sequoia Capital, Austin Ventures and Star Ventures were pumping $13.2MM in a VoIP security company called Sipera.  Here is the about:

Sipera Systems, Inc., the leader in pure security for VoIP, mobile and multimedia communications, enables enterprises and operators to protect end users and network infrastructures from potentially catastrophic attacks, misuse, and abuse of real-time, session-based protocols.  Comprised of top vulnerability research experts, the Sipera VIPER™ lab concentrates all of its efforts towards identifying SIP, UMA and IMS vulnerabilities.  This expertise forms the foundation of Sipera IPCS™ products, which protect IP communications applications, and the Sipera LAVA™ tools, which verify networks’ readiness to resist attacks.  Founded in 2003, Sipera is headquartered in Richardson, TX. Visit

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