Dallas Startup Watch: Jambo

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Dallas is home to a very cool start-up called Jambo Networks, lead by Charles Ribaudo (former EDS Ventures partner) and Jim Young (formerly with Multicity.com). They have raised just under a million dollars from an impressive list of angels, the two plan to raise a large professional round later this year. I think the team is up to ten full-time employees (they just brought on the Chief Scientist from Amazon.com, Andreas Weigend).
The company’s product allows anyone with a computer (and soon a phone) to discover people in close proximity to themselves. By hooking Jambo into other social networks like LinkedIn, you can be alerted when someone in your network is near you. Check out their blog here.

Brian, the CEO of Weblogs Work, caught up with Charles and Jim at a recent Refresh Dallas meeting. You can watch the video interview on PodServe (here is the Qwicktime file) and here is home of his podcast called Weblogs Worknotes.

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  1. Marc Nathan Said:

    I met these guys at SXSW 2006 and have had several conversations with them since. I can tell you they are probably one of the strongest start up teams with an offering that serves a big enough market that I have seen in long time. They are even generous enough to let BarCampHouston use the system gratis. It demonstrates a keen understanding of their target market, while at the same time stokes the word-of-mouth fire.

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