Spur, the company behind the Texas Startup Blog, owns and operates the following businesses. They are representative of the type of businesses we are focused on building and growing.

arch_logo.gif Architel is a provider of outsourced computer and network support services. The company has created various standalone applications such as RoboCopy (offsite backup service) and SpiderFilter (hosted SPAM solution). For more information visit

Simpleticket SimpleTicket is an open source trouble ticket / help desk application developed by the Architel team. The system is written with Ruby on Rails and Ajax. It is licensed under the GPL and can be downloaded from

bijlogo.jpg Big in Japan provides customized social media tools and support programs for businesses and individuals.  The Biggu team can implement, build and support a wife range of social media tools including weblogs, wikis and our own set of social tools. For more information visit

The following are businesses the SPUR team has started, funded and/or operate(d). They do not reflect our current vision and are not representative of our current direction:

Freedom Select is a prepaid cellular telephone company focused on serving the communication needs of the Hispanic community. Formerly based in Seattle Washington, the company was moved to Dallas soon after a leveraged buyout in 2003. Visit for more information.

LayerOne® (past investment) provides communications infrastructure solutions to communication service providers, enterprises and Internet-based businesses. The company was sold in late 2004 to Switch & Data resulting in a 600% return for investors. Visit Switch & Data for more information.

Meriton is an innovative wavelength networking company that has developed the industry’s first managed high-speed metro (HSM) services architecture. Meriton customers deploy a single, cost-effective solution that addresses the issues of fiber relief and network cost reduction, while also enabling the delivery of all HSM services. Visit for more information.

MightyView® (now operated by Architel) is a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), focused on providing rapid deployment of end-to-end enterprise e-Commerce, security, application, and network management services for Fortune 500 and government customers. MightyView provides a single real-time view into an entire infrastructure through its easy to use web-based portal. To license MightyView technology please contact directly.

MSR_Logo.jpg MotorSport Ranch® is a reality television pilot airing on INHD and a 13 episode series to be seen on VOOM. When you think of a ranch, your mind goes to cowboys, cattle, and horses. At MotorSport Ranch you will see horses of a different variety. Watch as these amateur drivers corral a 1.7 mile track with speed, skill and a desire to be the best. Our racers saddle up behind the wheel of every kind of automobile, from their daily driver to the worlds most exotic automobiles. MotorSport Ranch offers the viewer access to the country club of racing where the members have a passion for speed. So if you want to see how these rustlers tame their urge for fast action, tune into MotorSport Ranch. The Race is on! Visit for more information or order the DVD today at Amazon.

Network Services Now (previously founded and operated by Scott Ryan) is a professional network engineering company whose emphasis is to provide exceptional network engineering, staff augmentation and proactive network management services. Their success is the result of strong consulting and IT leadership programs through a carefully selected group of IT service partners.

400 South Akard formerly known as Carrier Center Dallas is a 320,000 square foot mixed use technology complex located on 2.8 acres in the heart of downtown Dallas. Carrier Center, formerly home to the Federal Reserve, was completely retrofitted in the late 90’s to support the security, power, environmental, and communication needs of the most demanding technology tenants including TXU Communications, Wiltel, The Planet, Universal Access, Worldcom, SBC Communications, 360 Nedtworks and Level(3). Visit for more information.