Alexander Muse, Managing Partner
Alexander is a serial entrepreneur with more than a decade of startup experience. Prior to becoming managing partner of SPUR, Alexander served as CEO of Architel, a provider of outsourced information technology services. Previously, he was founder and CEO of LayerOne, a telecommunications infrastructure company he started in the late 1990’s.

Scott Ryan, Partner
Scott is an entrepreneur with more than fifteen years of sales and marketing experience. In addition to his role at SPUR, Scott is CEO of Architel (a SPUR company). Prior to joining SPUR he was founder and CEO of Network Services Now, a professional network engineering company.

Rodrigo Franco, Principal
Rodrigo leads development at several SPUR companies and serves as CEO of Big in Japan (a SPUR company). Prior to joining SPUR, Rodrigo worked as an application developer and system architect for large multinationals like Petrobras, Globo and IG. He has led both small and very large teams of programmers and is considered an expert at interpreted programming languages.

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